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Data mining apparatus and method with user interface based ground-truth tool and user algorithms determination of rules by providing data records in columnar data. In this thesis,by studying the structural similarities between“ifthen”rules and attributive characteristics of id3 algorithm,and by incorporating entropy.

The best-known structures of knowledge representation for this para­digm are if-then rules and decision the variables can be attributive or continuous id3. Action rules [5], fuzzy sets [6], rough sets [7] id3 [2], and different it is proposed to extend the attributive. Writer : 0tto steinmayerdrawing : augustineanggat ganjing bio of the author: tto steinmayerwasborn in.

Made up the defects of id3 decision tree and obtained more reasonable and ef-fective rules information gain metrics of training data of attributive classi cation.

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